Spice of Life

SpiceSpoonsWhen I first started this experiment, the one thing I was most afraid of were spices, those mysterious ingredients that caused the discovery of America (Columbus was sailing west to find a better route for the spice trade) and have nursed countless people back to good health over the millennia.   I’m not kidding when I said my favorite food is was white food.  That’s not any kind of ethnic statement.  I mean I literally love things that are white.  I even blogged about it when we were first starting out. Continue reading


MR’s Yummy Pasta

012914 chrisToday’s recipe was suggested by one of  my favorite bloggers, Margaret Rose (M. R.) Stringer.  Give her a read if you are ready for some pithy Aussie commentary, flavored with a liberal dash of humor.  She’s feisty, funny and fabulous.

This is a great dish to make if you’re in a hurry.   You can slap it together in only 10 minutes, but it’s still packed full of fresh ingredients.  I made it yesterday for dinner and liked it so much that I made it again tonight.  It’s beyond yummy.

This is a dish that can easily be vegan, vegetarian or part of a meat dish, so it should suit all kinds of diets. Continue reading

Product Review: Aroma Rice Cooker

riceCookerI finally gave up my old aluminum rice cooker.  It was a relic, with just an on/off switch and nothing electronic.  I had tried fancy cookers when they were first coming out but they didn’t do as good a job as my old relic.  Now that Sobha is getting me cooking, I figured it was time to update my rice cooker as well.  Since rice is practically a daily affair in her house, I figured she’d know a good product.  She recommended the Aroma.  I bought one from Amazon and made our Spicy Quinoa Pilaf in it.  Everything went into the cooker, which I then set to the “white rice” setting.  When the alarm went off, we had a perfect meal. Continue reading

Spicy Quinoa Pilaf

012014 pilafSobha says:  Here’s a recipe for you.  I made this yesterday for dinner so I am confident of all that goes in there.  This is a main entree that is normally made with rice (long grain aromatic rice called Basmati or the regular rice).  I substituted it with quinoa because of all the nutrition it has, the popularity in the food world these days and then of course for change or newness into the daily routine.

Continue reading

Maangchi videos make you smile while you cook

MaangchiMany thanks to David McNally of 365 Days of Food for introducing me to Maangchi’s video series.  The meal David shared was Sweet Pumpkin with Rice Stuffing.  I can’t imagine a better introduction to Korean cooking than to cook with Maangchi.  She’s wonderfully entertaining and so easy to follow.  This meal is a sweet vegetarian dish that she made for Halloween.  Yum!

Chris Donner also writes the popular blog, 61 Musings.  Cee Neuner’s photography blog hosts four weekly challenges for bloggers.  Sobha Vadlamani is just beginning her blogging adventure.