Product Review: Aroma Rice Cooker

riceCookerI finally gave up my old aluminum rice cooker.  It was a relic, with just an on/off switch and nothing electronic.  I had tried fancy cookers when they were first coming out but they didn’t do as good a job as my old relic.  Now that Sobha is getting me cooking, I figured it was time to update my rice cooker as well.  Since rice is practically a daily affair in her house, I figured she’d know a good product.  She recommended the Aroma.  I bought one from Amazon and made our Spicy Quinoa Pilaf in it.  Everything went into the cooker, which I then set to the “white rice” setting.  When the alarm went off, we had a perfect meal. Continue reading


Sweet Potato Corn Chowder

chowderChris’ comments:  Today’s recipe comes from a friend of mine, Sat Kaur.  When I announced that we were going to do this blog, Sat Kaur was happy for us.  In fact, she was downright pleased that I was finally going to try some cooking and clean up my eating.  Being a vegetarian, she was doubly pleased to hear we were transitioning over into (mostly) vegetarian eating.  It isn’t easy making the switch, so she’s looking for simple recipes whose ingredients are easily sourced.  This recipe fits the bill.  Thanks, Sat Kaur!

I like the recipe because I love chowders.  This recipe is vegan, so it doesn’t include any cream but uses a corn puree as the thickener.  It’s also a gluten free recipe, which is important to me. 

Prep and cooking time is about 1 1/2 hours.  Makes 10 cups. Continue reading

Mise en place – Sweet Potato Corn Chowder

foodChowderThis week we’re making a hearty chowder that is just perfect for those of you who are cabin-bound in the heart of winter.  The basis of the chowder is roasted sweet potatoes and corn, with a secret ingredient.   The recipe is vegan and gluten free. I’m back from the market and ready to prepare my chowder.  I was able to obtain some organic ingredients, and I will mark those with (O).  I wasn’t able to buy any fresh herbs, so I’m substituting fresh with organic dried herbs. I know that a “real” mise en place shows gorgeous chopped ingredients in pristine glass bowls, waiting to be pulled together into a mouth watering concoction, but I’m not ready for that yet.  I’ll be adding to my kitchenware as this blog progresses, I’m sure.

Here is my main cost breakdown: