Fresh Ginger Mung Bean Tea

Fresh Ginger

Fresh Ginger

I’d like to introduce myself real quick.  I’m Chris’s wife and the photographer.  I am the one who got Chris into blogging and we are having so much fun.  I know a few of you already follow me on my photography blog.  For the past 30 years my body has been fighting Chronic Lymes Disease and most of that time I was unaware that I had it.  (If you have not read my story, click here.)

Just over a year ago now I started seeing a Qigong Master Healer and my health has stabilized and is beginning to improve on a daily basis.  One of the first things my Qigong Master Healer had me do was eat two fresh ginger slices each day to help kick start my stomach.  I’ll be adding more of my story throughout this blog.

The other thing she had me do was make Fresh Ginger Mung Bean Tea.

Here is the recipe

011614 tea

Organic Mung Beans

  • 1 quart boiling water
  • 1/3 cup uncooked mung beans
  • About six slices of fresh ginger

Boil for 15 minutes then strain and drink.  Makes about 3 cups.

You can always adjust the amount of beans and ginger to fit your own personal taste.

If you want to finish cooking the beans you can do so, it will need to have more water and cook about another 15 minutes.

This tea has a nice earthy flavor.

011614 tea (1)Best time to drink it:  After a meal either at Breakfast or Lunch.  Ginger is actually a stimulant so you wouldn’t want to drink it in the evening.

Health Benefits:  Stimulates the digestion and stomach.  Also helps detoxify the liver.


With love from our kitchen,

Chris, Cee and Sobha

Chris Donner also writes the popular blog, 61 Musings.  Cee Neuner’s photography blog hosts four weekly challenges for bloggers.  Sobha Vadlamani is just beginning her blogging adventure.


14 thoughts on “Fresh Ginger Mung Bean Tea

  1. Sounds yummy and going to give it a go
    I lived in China for a couple of years. I tentatively tried a mung bean ice cream (on a stick) and was surprised by how delicious. Not sweet…interesting taste. I got quite hooked .
    Also enjoyed chrysanthaum and Gogi berry tea…
    So many interesting combinations…

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